Tuesday, May 25, 2004


Yes, I am a virgin.
A blog virgin. I feel a tremor of anxiety and anticipation as I reveal my first tender thoughts to you on this screen.

Will I know what to do?
Will I seem too eager?
Will I disappoint you?

Gentle reader this is my first time; please, go easy on me.

After months of ruminating, "To blog or not to blog," (that was the question) I have chosen to go all the way with you. As I stand here before you, naked, (okay, not really naked, and I'm actually sitting down,) I lay back on my pillowed bed, force myself to relax and open wide my...alright, this is getting too weird.

Hey, I'm here, I'm Queer (in so many ways) and I'm about to explode on the screen. Look out! (This might get messy)


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